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Law firm military attorneys have extensive experience in protecting the rights of military personnel and their families in various categories of cases. Military lawyers provide advice on military service and conscription.
Військовий юрист Київ. Юридична консультація військовослужбовів
  • Conscription

    • appeal against the decision of the draft commission

    • protection against illegal access to the military enlistment office

    • defense in the case of an administrative offense under a protocol drawn up by staff members of the military registration and enlistment office

    • defense in the case of evasion of military service

  • Disciplinary action of a serviceman

    • Legal analysis of the act of official investigation

    • appeal against the discharge order

    • appeal against an order to suspend access to state secrets

    • Advice on providing clarification in the course of an official investigation

    • appeal against an order for disciplinary action against a senior chief

    • appeal against a disciplinary order

    • appeal of the severity of the imposed recovery

    • appeal of a revocation of a premium by disciplinary action

  • Appeal against a military dismissal order

    • appeal of grounds for release

    • appeal of dismissal as disciplinary action

    • appeal of dismissal during hospital stay

  • Refunds upon release

    • appeal of refusal to pay severance pay due to insufficient lease years

    • debt collection indexation

    • collection of debt for tangible property

    • Collection of compensation for unused UBD leave

  • One-time financial assistance in the event of injury, injury or death

    • appeal against refusal to send documents for payment of one-time financial aid to the military enlistment office

    • legal advice on the documents required to pay the OGD

    • appeal to the court of the decision of the MOU commission to refuse to pay OGD in case of disability, death or temporary disability

    • requiring documents required for the payment of the OGD

    • appeal against the commission's refusal to pay due to being in a state of intoxication

  • Military administrative offenses

    • legal advice of a serviceman on bringing him to administrative responsibility

    • defense in court in an administrative offense case

    • preparation of an appeal against a court decision in an administrative offense case concerning a serviceman

  • Provision of housing for military personnel

    • Appeal against refusal to set the apartment queue

    • Appeal against the date on which the serviceman was placed on the apartment queue

    • appeal against the decision to withdraw from the apartment queue

    • appeal to the court with a claim of obligation to provide the serviceman with shelter

    • Appeal to the European Court of Human Rights for failure to comply with the court's decision on the obligation of a serviceman to housing

    • collection of compensation for proper living space

    • protection in court cases for eviction from office accommodation

    • support for the placement of a serviceman on an apartment queue at local executive authorities

    • appeal against refusal to put a serviceman on an apartment queue at local authorities

    • legal support for housing for the families of fallen servicemen

You can order a consultation of a military lawyer Online. Just formulate your question in the CHAT. Our military lawyers will review your question and provide advice. Legal advice to a military lawyer can be free or for a fee. You will be able to find out how much a military lawyer's consultation costs in response to the formulated question. You can get advice from a military lawyer in any way convenient for you: as an answer to a question in the chat, a conversation with a lawyer by phone or a visit to one of our offices.
Whatever form of communication you choose with us, we always strive to provide quality legal advice on military service and more.
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