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Glossary of the European Convention on Human Rights

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

In this post with aim to learn more English, i'll try to create sentences with common phrases and words from the European Convention on Human Rights.

Feel free to show me my mistakes in comments:). It will help me to improve my knowledges. So...

The full name of the European Convention on Human Rights is the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms and the Protocols thereto.

The State's obligation is to create a scheme of free legal aid which would provide free legal service for poor people.

European convention does not directly protect the right to marry. But you can find support in this matter in the article no 8 "Right to respect for private and family life.

In Ukraine trafficking in human beings is a crime, pursued by article 149 of the Ukrainian Criminal Code.

in the determination of any criminal charges against him, everyone have right to fair hearing in a reasonable time by an independent and impartial tribunal.

According to Ukrainian code of criminal procedure the indictment have to have an information on charge in language understood.

Case Korbut v. Ukraine

The applicant is represented by Ukrainian lawyer Mykhailo Kozachuk/

The applicant lodged an application that there were violations of article 8 and article 1 Protocol 1 of the Convention.

The merits of complaint.

When applicant served as a judge, the law prescribed his right to obtain a house for free in three month since he was start served.

But the obligation established by law carried on that time by local authorities.

Because of principle position of the judge in cases resolving, the authorities were ignoring his right of home.

During more that 8 years he did not obtain the propetry without any objective and reasonable justifications.

He lodged an application to national court for protect his right. The local court made a judgment that local authorities had to made certain steps to realize the applicant's right for home.

Court of appeal maintained the judgement.

Nevertheless the authorities lodged a cassation appeal.

There was no decision by the Supreme court during two years. As well as the authorities was not doing any steps toward to execute the first instance court's decision.

After two years waiting, the applicant had got a decision that there was no violation in authorities actions.

In the application before the Court, the applicant claimed that it was interference in his right to the peaceful enjoinment of the possessions.

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