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Kyiv criminal lawyers

Protection in criminal proceedings. Kyiv lawyers with extensive experience in the field of criminal and criminal procedural law. Reliable protection in criminal proceedings. Defender's participation at all stages of the criminal process

  • Crime report

  • Departure to the scene of the Lawyer

  • Lawyer's participation in the detention

  • Participation in the consideration of the investigator's request to choose a measure of restraint

  • Appeal against the decision to choose a measure of restraint.

    • Preparation of an appeal

    • In part in the Court of Appeal on the appeal

    • Appeal against the amount of the pledge

    • Pledge

  • Preparation by the Attorney of the petition for change of a preventive measure

  • Appeal against the seizure of property

  • Collection of evidence by a lawyer in criminal proceedings

    • requesting traffic of personal conversations by mobile phone number

    • collection of compromising materials on the witness

  • Appeal against dismissal

  • Participation of a lawyer in the search

  • Participation of a lawyer in conducting investigative actions

    • investigative experiment

    • recognition

  • Participation of a lawyer during interrogation as a witness

  • Participation of a lawyer during interrogation as a suspect

  • Concluding an agreement during the pre-trial investigation

  • Suspicion of appeal appeal

  • Preparation of a petition during the pre-trial investigation

  • Preparation of a complaint about non-compliance with reasonable deadlines

  • Appeal against the decision of the investigating judge

  • Appeal against the inaction of the investigator

  • Appeal against the decision to suspend the investigation

  • Appeal by a lawyer of the decision to close the criminal proceedings

  • Acquaintance of the lawyer with materials of criminal proceedings

  • Preparation by the lawyer of the petition for recognition of evidence inadmissible

  • Participation of a lawyer during the consideration of the case by the court of first instance

  • Preparation by the Lawyer of an appeal against an illegal sentence

  • Participation in the court of appeal

  • Preparation of a cassation appeal

  • Preparation of an appeal to the European Court of Human Rights


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