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Our legal center provides legal support services for businesses in Kyiv and Kyiv region. We work both on a permanent basis and fulfill one-time orders. Remuneration is negotiated in each case individually. There may be a monthly payment (subscriber service), there may be payment for the task, as well as hourly payment. In any case, we strive to provide the highest quality legal services. Our best lawyers work with legal entities. Many years of experience allow us to be confident in our abilities.

There are no hopeless situations!


In addition to helping the entire legal entity, we are happy to provide assistance to everyone who works in it.
In our work we always guarantee confidentiality to the extent that the client needs it.


We know how to negotiate! Anyone with ...

  • tax lawyer

  • customs lawyer

  • contract lawyer

    • debt collection and contracts

    • drawing up and concluding contracts

    • support of contracts (agreements)

    • participation in negotiations on the theft of contracts

    • conducting claim work

    • preparation of a claim for debt collection. Appeal and cassation for the company

    • Preparation of a response to the statement of claim of the counterparty

  • Conclusion and support of foreign economic debt

  • protection in cases, to the legal entity is the defendant

  • preparation of documents for participation in legislative bodies

  • appeal against the actions of law enforcement agencies. Comprehensive protection

  • appeals against decisions of regulatory authorities

  • creation, organization, reorganization of LLC, FOP, PJSC, JSC, etc.

  • participation in international arbitration

  • protection in labor disputes

  • land disputes in economic activity

  • risk assessment within the enterprise

  • legal advice on current issues

Law Firm Kyiv

Additionally, we will also tell you what we can do more.

Often in the activities of companies, when scaling the business, management finds it difficult to control the integrity of their subordinates. often managers when accepting orders for your company redirect the client to the companies connected with them. In this way you lose customers and most importantly - profits.

In other situations, your subordinates. engaged in the supply (purchase) agree with the managers of the companies in which the procurement is conducted that the property will be purchased at a certain inflated price. For this, the selling company makes a so-called "rollback" in cash to your purchase. Your buyer comes to you and always assures that this seller is the best. This way the Seller gets a regular buyer in your face. Your buyer receives a steady income, and your company uses funds irrationally.

Also in large companies, especially enterprises, subordinates create whole companies in order to forge like parasites in your production. Knowing what purchases are planned, they agree with the monopolists on the market to raise the price, receiving a rollback.

How to be, how to control subordinates,

We offer detective services to identify unscrupulous employees. We work as alleged buyers and offer allegedly favorable conditions for your manager. We bring to your attention the agreements that are taking place and continue to act according to the agreed scenario.

We can check every payment that your subordinate brings to you to check that the prices are in line with the market. We can offer an alternative invoice for the purchase of goods and services. In order for you to compare prices with similar technical characteristics.

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