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Law Center lawyers protect the rights of athletes in professional and private life. Sports lawyers practice in Kyiv and all over Ukraine. The law firm has experience in dealing with National Sports Federations with international sports organizations, courts and arbitration. We solve the private affairs of athletes.

  • appeal to the European Court of Human Rights

  • protection of rights in court

  • appeal against decisions of sports federations

  • legal support of contracts

  • financial dispute resolution

  • representation in financial and contract law courts

  • representation in arbitration

  • protection in doping cases

  • private issues of athletes of a legal nature

  • family disputes, property division

  • criminal proceedings against an athlete

  • protection of the athlete's private child

  • protection of honor and dignity of the athlete, recovery of moral harm

  • representation of interests of sports functionaries

  • consulting of Federations, sports clubs

  • protection of sports club rights

  • other issues

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