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certified attorneys for representation

Адвокат для звернення до Європейського суду з прав людини

The lawyers of the Law Center of Kyiv have been trained by the Council of Europe's programs on the procedure for applying to the European Court of Human Rights, the criteria for admissibility for violations of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights of its Fundamental Freedoms. The complaints of lawyers specializing in applications to the ECtHR (Kyiv) open proceedings and in most cases find violations of the Convention

Адвокат ЄСПЛ.jpg
Адвокат ЕСПЧ Винница
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Lawyers analyze and prepare applications not only for criminal cases, but also for violations of labor rights of citizens, human rights abuses in sports, business and more.

We provide protection and representation in the European Court of Human Rights:

- individuals

- legal entities

- any group of individuals

  • Labor disputes

  • Protection in forced labor cases

  • Other areas under the Convention

Адвокати Києва ЄСПЛ.jpg
Адвокат Козачук Звернення до Європейсько
Адвокат Михайло Козачук & ECHR Judges.JP
Наші поточні справи:
Kozachuk v. Ukraine
Dybets v. Ukraine
Kozachuk M. v. Ukraine 
Fedorov v. Ukraine
L.B. v. Ukraine
Korbut v. Ukraine
To get a free consultation from a lawyer on applying to the ECtHR, call now or write to us in the CHAT

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