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Lawyers of the Legal Center have extensive experience of representation in cases of administrative offenses. Legal protection is provided by lawyers both at the stage of communication with the person who draws up the protocol on administrative offense (investigator, authorized person, etc.) and during the consideration of the administrative protocol in court or other authorized bodies. Lawyers ensure that the client's interests are represented in court. If necessary, prepare appeals against illegal court decisions. Professional lawyers of the Law Firm ensure participation in the consideration of cases by the Court of Appeal. In case of violation of rights, we are preparing an appeal to the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR). Legal advice on certain categories of cases is provided free of charge.

  • Corruption Protocol (cases of administrative offenses related to corruption)

    • late submission of a declaration of change of property status

    • violation of restrictions on part-time work

    • violation of financial control requirements

  • Protocol on an administrative offense for violation of traffic rules

  • Military administrative offenses

  • Administrative offenses transport

  • Administrative violations in the field of state secrets

  • For violation of customs regulations

  • Violation of labor protection rules

  • Others

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