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The lawyers of our legal center will take care of the security of your companies in the field of intellectual property. With effective tools and protection strategies developed with experience, we will help minimize the risk of infringement of your copyright or related rights, as well as protect your rights in court and out of court in the event of unauthorized use of your creative work.

Unfair competition through the use of a consonant domain name .

  • Addressing domain name blocking issues that are the result of unfair competition.

  • Prohibition of using a competitor's domain name.

  • Recovery of damages for unfair competition.

Our specialists provide a wide range of services, including:

We register intellectual property rights :

  • Trademarks (TM). With the official registration of your TM, you will be able to exclusively provide goods and services on behalf of your brand, and protect yourself from competitors, get a domain in the .ua and .ukr zone, and grant permission to use the TM to others. Simultaneous registration in several countries (according to the Madrid system) or national registration in some foreign countries is also possible.

  • Author's works. Your newly created unique work of literature, music, science, art needs legal protection against copying and unauthorized distribution. With copyright registration you will be able to prevent potential threats and greatly simplify the proof of your authorship.

  • Patents for your inventions or utility models. Ensure that your creations are protected by an official patent that certifies the priority, authorship, and ownership of your invention or utility model, and start making a profit from using the results of your creative work.

We help to conclude agreements in the field of intellectual property on the most favorable terms:

  • Agreement on the creation by order and use of the object of intellectual property rights

  • Agreement on the transfer of exclusive intellectual property rights.

  • License agreement (exclusive, single, non-exclusive).

  • Franchise agreement.

You can rely on our specialists in advising on the selection of the desired contract, in drawing up its terms, examination, support and monitoring of implementation. This will save you a lot of time and reduce all potential risks if possible.


We protect infringed copyright :

  • We will choose the best way to protect the results of your creative activity from copyright infringement. Depending on the circumstances of your unique situation, the strategy will be different.

  • Let's protect intellectual property rights in court. We will represent your interests in court in order to stop the unauthorized use of your works by third parties and unfair competition.

  • Protect copyright on the Internet. We will stop intellectual property infringements on social networks and on sites that copy your original content.

Of course, your situation is unique and requires a special approach. So for any recommendations and advice in the field of intellectual property, do not hesitate to call or write right now in the CHAT (red window at the bottom of the screen) .


We will definitely do our best to help you!

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