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Lawyer for Labor Law

Whether you are an employer, an employee, a team of employees, or a trade union, we will be happy to help you in the event of any labor disputes at your company.
From legal advice to court support, we will find a way out of your situation.


  • Appeal against refusal to hire;

  • Appeal against dismissal or transfer orders;

  • Disputes about discrimination in labor relations;

  • Claims for leave;

  • Disputes over compliance with working conditions;

  • Establishment of new working conditions not regulated by legislation or other regulations;

  • Protection of the employee in case of damage to property at the enterprise;

  • Appeals against reprimands and warnings;

  • Disputes over the payment of wages, as well as all social benefits and guarantees;

  • Recovery of average earnings;

  • Protect the right to strike.

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  • Legal registration of employees at the enterprise;

  • Consultations on the transfer and relocation of employees;

  • Legal dismissal of an employee;

  • Consultations on the transfer and relocation of employees

  • Bringing employees to disciplinary responsibility;

  • Recovery from employees of material damage caused to the enterprise;

  • Disputes over the establishment of new working conditions not regulated by law or other regulations.

  • Issues of wages and taxation


  • Challenging the interference of employers in the strategic activities of the trade union

  • Complaints against employers in case of obstruction of trade unions

  • Disputes about failure to provide conditions for trade union activities

  • Appeal against the ban on trade union participation by putting pressure on employees;

  • Going to court in case the employer withholds the contributions of trade union members on his account.

  • interference of employers in the statutory activities of trade unions;
  • Failure to comply with legal guarantees for employees elected to trade union bodies. The

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