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Family lawyer

It is not necessary to go to court to resolve any family dispute!

It is necessary to divorce, divide the property of the spouses, adopt a child or, perhaps, collect alimony, but the litigation is repulsive due to its duration, and is not effective in all situations?


InLaw Boutique experts recommend resorting to family mediation!  

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Family mediation is an alternative way of resolving any dispute, which is carried out with the participation of an independent third party - a mediator, which helps to improve the interaction between the parties to the dispute and to make a fair and mutually beneficial decision.

In world practice, conflict resolution, too  family disputes , mediation has long been very popular.  

According to statistics, with the help of mediation conflict resolution is achieved in 70-80% of cases! At the same time, almost 90% of litigants, resorting to mediation, are satisfied with the results!

Why choose mediation to resolve family disputes?

  1. Speed and efficiency of dispute resolution. On average, a family dispute between participants is resolved within 12 hours!

  2. Confidentiality . Guarantees of the confidentiality of any information, documents and non-disclosure of the conflict is one of the main principles of mediation, and in family disputes, ensuring confidentiality plays a particularly important role.

  3. Voluntary participation. No subpoenas! Only mutual voluntary consent to the most effective settlement of the dispute. 

  4. Independence and impartiality of the mediator. Often the key to the success of mediation in family disputes is the equality of the parties, which is guaranteed by the independence of the mediator. The latter must be attentive to all parties and able to build a constructive dialogue between the participants in a normal favorable atmosphere.

  5. Independence . The effectiveness of mediation lies mainly in the fact that each party can independently develop options for resolving the dispute, plans for the future, monitors the results of negotiations, taking into account the interests not only of the parties to the process, but also children;

  6. Reduces the workload of courts and, consequently, reduces budget expenditures for the maintenance of the judicial system.


Still wondering if you should resort to mediation to resolve a family dispute?

Ask a question that worries you in the CHAT , or by phone from our family lawyer.

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