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... entrust the resolution of the dispute to a third party - this is a WISE decision! ..

семейный спор
The lawyers of our law firm, which is located in Kyiv , have long practiced in cases of family disputes such as divorce, division of property of spouses, determination of the child's place of residence and others. We pay considerable attention to the protection of children's rights and respect for the rights of spouses. We provide advice on divorce and other disputes that arise in the family. We carry out claim work. We often use the means of mediation in family disputes in order to resolve issues peacefully and not to bring the case to court.
If no agreement is reached, we represent the interests of our clients in court . We prepare statements of claim or responses to the statement of claim, if the statement of claim, such as the division of property, if our client is the defendant. If the court decision does not fully satisfy the interests of the person who applied to us for legal assistance in family disputes, we are preparing an appeal against the court decision of the court of first instance. We also prepare a cassation appeal in cases of this category, for example in the case of recovery of alimony, division of property of the spouses, or others.
In all cases, we proceed as much as possible from the interests of the client and guarantee the high quality of legal services, we are always looking for non-standard ways to resolve the case to maximize the interests of the client.

Here are some areas of family disputes that are covered by our legal practice:

  • recovery of child support

    • recalculation of the amount of alimony

    • support of enforcement proceedings for recovery of funds

    • assistance in finding sources of income for the spouses

  • divorce

    • preparation of a divorce application

    • representation of the client's interests in court in the case of divorce

  • division of marital property

    • negotiating with representatives of the other spouse in order to peacefully and fairly divide the property of the spouses

    • mediation in family disputes

    • preparation of a claim on the division of property

    • preparation of a statement of claim for the division of property of the spouses

    • preparation of a response for the defendant in the case of division of property of the spouses

    • participation of a lawyer in court as a representative of the spouses in disputes over the division of property

    • preparation of an appeal against the decision of the court of first instance

    • participation of a lawyer in the appellate court

    • preparation of a cassation appeal and participation in the court of cassation

  • determining the child's place of residence

    • negotiation

    • preparation of a statement of claim for the plaintiff

    • preparation of a response to the claim for the defendant

    • representation of the interests of the party in the case of determining the place of residence of the child in case of divorce

    • setting a schedule of visits of one of the parents with the child

  • establishing the fact of paternity

    • preparation of documents to establish the fact of paternity through the court

    • organization of DNA examination

  • other family disputes

  • The right to family reunification

  • Marriage of same-sex couples

  • Deportation and deportation

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