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Appeal to the authorities, local government or the court?

According to Art. 5 of the Law of Ukraine "On Consumer Protection", the state provides consumers with protection of their rights and provides a level of consumption sufficient to maintain health and livelihood.

Accordingly, every citizen whose rights have been violated when purchasing goods or consuming services may apply to a state authority or a local self-government body to protect their consumer rights.

The bodies authorized to protect the rights of consumers include:

  • State Service of Ukraine for Food Safety and Consumer Protection;

  • Consumer Protection Department;

  • Local state administrations;

  • Other executive bodies;

  • local governments (through structural units for consumer protection);

  • The court.

    In any case, you have the right to protect your consumer rights if:

1) in the sale of products in any way violates the right to freedom of choice of products and the will of the consumer

2) when providing the service, the contractor imposes such conditions of service that put the consumer in an unequal position compared to other consumers and / or performers, do not provide the consumer with the same guarantees of compensation for damage caused by non-performance (improper performance) by the parties to the contract;

3) the principle of equality of the parties to the contract with the consumer is violated;

4) the right to receive necessary, accessible, reliable and timely information about the goods is limited;

5) sold dangerous / low-quality / counterfeit products;

6) the price of products is determined improperly;

7) documents confirming the performance of the contract with the consumer are not submitted in time.

The right body and method of consumer protection depends on the circumstances of your situation. To undoubtedly effectively protect your consumer rights, consult the lawyers of our legal center. We will definitely help to understand your situation if you write your question in the CHAT (at the bottom of the page) , or call our contact numbers.

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