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The issue of tax regulation is one of the most difficult issues in the course of doing any business.

It is extremely important for every entrepreneur to avoid or prevent all potential problems in the field of taxation, as well as to be ready to solve them in a timely and effective manner.


Without legal assistance to understand all the nuances is usually quite difficult .  


Contact the specialists of our Legal Center! We will discuss everything and will definitely try to help you!

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TAX ATTORNEY advises and provides legal assistance on any issues related to taxation:

  • Regarding the tax planning of the enterprise

How to choose a tax system? What are the advantages and disadvantages of general and simplified taxation systems? How to track your tax status? How to structure income and expenses? How to strategically and currently plan tax policy for your business?

  • Regarding tax avoidance

How to avoid or minimize legal liability for evasion of mandatory taxes and fees? What to do when unreasonably prosecuted under Art. 212 of the Criminal Code? How to reach a "tax compromise" in the sense of the Transitional Provisions of the Tax Code? Is it possible to be released from liability if you have paid all taxes and fees?

  • Regarding tax audits

Do you think that the inspection report against you is illegal and there are grounds for protesting it? How to control the correctness of the act based on the results of tax audits? How to object to the inspection report? How to appeal the decision of the state tax inspection administratively? What you need to know about tax notices, the procedure for unscheduled on-site inspections and the imposition of administrative and economic sanctions and penalties in case of violations? 

  • Regarding tax cases in courts

Do you need legal protection in tax cases in court and at the pre-trial stage? Are you being prosecuted in criminal or administrative proceedings? Do you want to challenge the actions of fiscal authorities in court?


  • Individuals:
    You can ask any question about filing a declaration of property and income, about problems with the tax authorities, as well as complain about the incorrect tax burden.

  • Individual entrepreneurs:
    You can ask for help in keeping records of income and expenses, drawing up supporting documents on the origin of goods, the formation of accounting registers, financial statements and other documents related to the calculation and payment of taxes and fees. We also help prevent fines, advise on inspections, challenge the actions of tax authorities, and more.

  • Legal entities:
    Contact in case of any difficulties in communication with the fiscal authorities, the need to build a strategy of tax policy of the enterprise, as well as the need to represent the rights and interests in the courts. We seek the abolition of illegal acts, actions or omissions of the tax authorities.

  • Foreign companies:
    If you have a representative office of a foreign company in Ukraine, the tax system will be significantly different for you. We can advise on any international tax issues that interest you, as well as accompany you in any tax procedures that you may have to face in the course of your business.

​ Remember, you can find a way out of any situation!
If you encounter any difficulties in tax matters, contact our lawyers!
We consult by phone or via CHAT (at the bottom of the page) .

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