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If you are a business owner and run your own business responsibly, you are probably already convinced that it is impossible to avoid legal problems and difficulties in the course of daily activities.

No matter what business you are in, you should always keep a constant record of the company's internal organization, employment relationships with your employees, and work schedule. At the same time, many difficulties arise in relations with the state, related in particular to taxation, banking operations and state registrations. After all, you constantly have to interact with fellow entrepreneurs, clients, and any other entity, entering into various contracts, negotiating, and sometimes resolving disputes through the courts.

All this paper routine and legal nuances constantly accompany your business, taking a lot of your time and effort, as well as often exposing your company to serious risks.

An excellent solution in such a situation is to rely on experienced lawyers. The team of our legal center is ready to help and accompany your company on the terms of customer service.

Юридичне обслуговування Київ

It is more reliable with us!


The package of legal services we offer:

  1. Consultations on all legal issues that will arise in the course of your company's activities;

  2. Informing about innovations in the legislation that may affect your business, including taxation;

  3. Development and preparation of internal documents of your company, including statutory documents;

  4. Registration of labor relations in your team;

  5. Conclusion of contracts (own development, or the expert analysis of contracts of contractors);

  6. Conducting business correspondence;

  7. Drawing up applications, claims and providing responses to feedback;

  8. Participate in negotiations on the side of your company;

  9. Support in the settlement of disputes in the pre-trial procedure;

  10. Protecting your company in litigation;

  11. Representation of your company in state, law enforcement, municipal structures, and in commercial organizations;

  12. Individual consultations of TOP management

  13. VIP protection in criminal, administrative cases

  14. Other questions you can ask


!! When creating your service subscription, we can discuss and form an individual set of services, taking into account all the specifics of your company, which include other options that may not be listed above.


Why Podolsk Legal Center?

The lawyers of our legal center, whose branches are located in Kyiv, Vinnytsia and Lviv , will really approach all your legal problems with understanding.

With many years of experience in supporting the activities of companies, we can quickly, professionally and effectively help in any situation.

We guarantee you a high quality level of service, constant communication with specialists and quality results.

Still wondering, wouldn't it be better to just contact our lawyers if necessary each time?

Of course, it is not necessary to settle legal disputes and conclude contracts every day. But this does not mean that the help of a legal professional is not useful. Constant monitoring of the legal side of your company is an extremely important aspect of your business.

We run our own business , so unlike one-time lawyers, a subscriber-based legal center will not only be able to understand the problem much faster, but also be the first to identify it, or even prevent it.

Subscriber service will significantly save your time and effort and will definitely help to eliminate potential risks and problems.


Have you heard what Intellectual Property Management is? Z at it not only need to protect, but it can also make! We will tell you everything!


And now you're thinking, isn't it easier to hire one full-time lawyer?

Indeed, many companies today resort to this method of protecting their interests. However, when choosing a full-time lawyer or law firm, pay attention to a few nuances.

In practice, it is very difficult to find such a universal specialist who would be well versed in tax, financial, corporate and labor law, and could accompany all the activities of your company with proper professionalism. Instead, the legal center has several experienced narrow-minded lawyers who are ready to solve all the legal difficulties associated with the activities of your company, each in its narrower specialization.

In addition, a full-time lawyer is an employee who requires additional workplace arrangements, vacation pay, and sick leave. Such an employee must pay considerable taxes and the Single Social Contribution. Podolsk Law Center will not go on vacation or sick leave, and is guaranteed to provide services at any time in any situation. When choosing a customer service, you choose a much higher level of reliability. The law center can guarantee assistance in any situation with much lower risks of force majeure or unexpected circumstances.


Still in doubt?

Ask a question that worries you right here in the CHAT , or by phone number below.


Or just stop by for coffee and we will discuss everything ..)


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