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Are you a foreigner or a stateless person and need the help of a migration lawyer? Do you need official registration of residence in Ukraine? Problems with government agencies or documentation?



Are you Ukrainian and planning to go abroad? Need legal help to deal with all the nuances of migration?  - Contact our migration lawyer in Kyiv!



1. We arrange accommodation in Ukraine:

  • Registration of legal residence in Ukraine;

  • registration of a permanent residence permit;

  • registration of a temporary residence permit;

  • preparation of an application for renewal / exchange / renewal of a residence permit;

  • obtaining a visa to enter Ukraine;

  • appeal against the illegal refusal of an immigration permit;

  • invitation to enter Ukraine;

  • obtaining an e-visa.


2. We accompany the acquisition of Ukrainian citizenship:

  • obtaining a certificate confirming knowledge of the Ukrainian language;

  • notarized translation of documents, their legalization and affixing an apostille;

  • obtaining an individual tax number;

  • obtaining archival certificates in Ukraine;

  • citizenship of Ukraine by birth;

  • citizenship as a result of recognition of paternity, maternity;

  • acquisition of citizenship in a simplified manner;

  • renewal of Ukrainian citizenship;

  • obtaining a certificate of citizenship of the child.

міграційний адвокат.jpg
міграційний адвокат.jpg

3. We protect foreigners in cases of migration offenses:

  • untimely registration of the place of residence, residence without documents giving the right to live in Ukraine;

  • cases of unauthorized employment of a foreigner;

  • violation of the rules of border crossing at the checkpoint across the state border;

  • violation of the rules of entry into the occupied territories;

  • submission by a foreigner of forged, spoiled, inappropriate or someone else's documents upon entry.


4. We appeal against decisions / actions / inaction of state bodies and officials:

  • on imposition of fines;

  • on entry ban;

  • on refusal to cross the border;

  • on forced return;

  • on forced expulsion (deportation) from Ukraine.


5. We provide legal support to foreign business:

  • business registration for foreigners;

  • registration of activity of legal entities, physical persons-entrepreneurs;

  • employment permits for foreigners;

  • creation of service cards for employees of the representative office of a foreign business entity;

  • advice on doing business for foreigners.​



1. We make out legal emigration:

  • consultations on temporary / permanent residence in any country of the world

  • obtaining a visa (type B - transit visa, type C - short-term visa, D - long-term visa)

  • receiving  citizenship of another state and renunciation of Ukrainian

2. We arrange marriage / divorce with a foreigner 

3. We deal with extradition issues

4. We support cases on migration disputes in court.

5. We seek the payment of pensions for foreigners.

Do you need a lawyer's consultation? Do you have additional questions? - Write in the CHAT (at the bottom of the page), or call specialists directly.

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