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In Negotiation

Human rights violations are often accompanied not only by property damage, but also by moral distress and mental suffering.

Of course, mental suffering, which consists in causing inevitable damage to health, loss of loved ones and relatives, humiliation of dignity or disruption of normal life relationships, can not be compensated in cash.

Compensation for non-pecuniary damage is the least that justice can do to protect your rights in such cases.​

By filing a lawsuit, you can seek compensation for non-pecuniary damage from those who caused it, in the amount proportional to the violation.

the amount of compensation usually depends on the following factors:

  • proportionality of the nature of the violation, taking into account, in particular, the degree of guilt of the authority.

  • compliance with the depth of physical and mental suffering, their inevitability.

  • taking into account the requirements of reasonableness and fairness.

What conditions must be met for non-pecuniary damage to be reimbursed?

1. The presence of intangible losses.

These can be both physical and mental suffering associated with damage to health, destruction of property of the person directly or his relatives, as well as humiliation of honor and dignity or business reputation or disruption of normal life ties, inability to continue active social life. , breaking relationships with others, etc.


2. The fault of the person who caused the damage.

3. The causal link between the first two points.

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