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Адвокат для звернення до Європейського суду з прав людини

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.
Article 14
  Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and  fundamental freedoms and Article 1 of its Protocol №12 guarantee the enjoyment of rights, freedoms and opportunities, without any discrimination.

The general prohibition of discrimination is that “the exercise of any
  provided by law  rights are ensured without discrimination in any way  on the basis of, for example, on the basis of sex,  race,  skin color, language, religion, political or other  beliefs,  national  or  social origin, belonging to a national minority, property status, birth or other grounds. "

InLaw Boutique experts are ready to help challenge discrimination in the European Court of Human Rights. We work in the following areas:

Discrimination in the labor market:

  • unreasonable refusal to hire

  • denial of access to certain professions and positions

  • unequal pay with the same qualifications and the same working conditions

  • discrimination in employment on the grounds of pregnancy

  • discrimination on health grounds

  • failure to save the woman's place of work during pregnancy, childbirthor in the period after her return to work

  • hiring only men or women of a certain age

  • discrimination against employees with family responsibilities, failure to provide conditions for combining work with family responsibilities

  • sexual harassment

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Discrimination on the basis of nationality and ethnic origin:

  • discriminatory treatment of members of the Roma community

  • manifestations of discrimination against Jews

  • desecration of Jewish cemeteries, 

  • policies of political parties and public organizations of anti-Semitic or Romaphobic nature

  • ineffectiveness of investigations of crimes motivated by hatred of a certain minority

  • denial of access to housing, health care, employment or education

  • Refusal to provide services for certain categories of persons.

  • Failure to meet the special needs of people with disabilities.

  • Non-participation in political and social life.

  • Restrictions on access to education.

Discrimination against women in the army

  • refusal of women to be accepted for contract military service;

  • prohibition of women to participate in certain tasks; 

  • ban on women holding certain positions;

  • restrictions on military education;

  • sexual harassment.

Discrimination against LGBT people

  • Establishing different ages of sexual consent for same-sex and heterosexual relationships.

  • Prohibition of public events in support of LGBT people.

  • Restriction of parental rights or denial of adoption due to one or another sexual orientation.



No one may be discriminated against by any public authority on any grounds.


If your gender, language, race, religion, origin or property status have given rise to different treatment, you should apply to the European Court of Human Rights!  And our experienced lawyers can accompany your case at all stages - from prior consultation on the prospects of the case and to the written submission of an individual application and defense of the position in the Court.

For a detailed consultation about your specific situation - contact our lawyers by phone or describe your problem in the CHAT (at the bottom of the page).

Protection of Ukrainian citizens from discriminatory treatment abroad in connection with forced relocation due to the war in Ukraine

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