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Consumer protection lawyer

To the attention of all consumers!

Don't be fooled! Remember that you have the right to freely choose products, purchase and use them according to your needs and level of consumption, and you can protect yourself from unfair business practices.

What would be considered to mislead the consumer, and therefore an example of unfair business practices and violations of consumer rights?

Misleading means motivating the consumer to buy such a product or order a service that he would not otherwise agree to.

According to Art. 19 of the Law of Ukraine "On Consumer Protection" violation of consumer rights will be:

Young Barista

indicates false prices for the goods, methods of calculating the price or the availability of discounts;

Office Workspace

offers to buy one product in order to sell it before the sale of another;


offers to sell withdrawn products (or goods for which there are restrictions);

Delivery Guy

hides information about the seller or his agent (person, assets, qualifications, licensing activities, awards and prizes, etc.);

Yellow Subway Seats

offers products for sale at a price at which he objectively will not be able to sell it;

Open Sign

threatens the personal safety of the consumer or his family if he does not purchase or order the offered products;

Local Coffee Shop

does not inform the consumer about the need for additional services for the product, replacement of its components or repair;


refuses to present the offered goods, or demonstrates defective samples;


creates and applies pyramid schemes, where the consumer pays for the possibility of obtaining compensation by involving other consumers in such a scheme;

Bicycle Repair Shop

provides in a vague, unclear or ambiguous way information on the main characteristics of the product ;

Postal Boxes

falsely reports a limited quantity of goods available so that the consumer can make a decision quickly, without conscious thought;

Zero Waste Shop

notifies of the sale in connection with the closure of the store, if this is not true;

The Law on Protection against Unfair Competition defines misleading the consumer as unfair competition. For providing incomplete, inaccurate, false information, omission of certain facts or vagueness of wording that has influenced or may affect the intentions of these persons to purchase (order) or sell (sell, supply, perform, provide) goods, works, services of this entity The law even provides for the possibility of filing complaints with the Antimonopoly Committee.

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